"Through photography we can live forever. I want viewers to feel and experience the core of beauty, a captured moment”

Adina Doria is a Los Angeles based photographer with a decade of experience and a list of worldwide publications. Her strong visual aesthetic is a direct reflection of her personal creative style, which favors an infusion of high contrast and saturation that heightens the impact of her images. Adina’s straightforward unflinching approach is both graphic and appealing, producing timeless imagery that capture the subject’s true essence while staying fresh and unique.

Throughout her career, Adina has remained committed to creating images which leave an indelible impression on its viewers. She remains consistent in her work and vision, let it be fashion or commercial, to her it’s merely an opportunity to create and evoke beauty. She always surrounds herself with the most professional team to bring the shoots vision to life and creatively exceed all client expectations.

ADINA'S work has been featured in a variety publications such as Elle, Glamour, Vogue, Schon, OUT, Vibe, No3, HUF, Forbes, LA Times, Billboard, Variety, US and People Magazine.